Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One More Day, Three Worries

Interesting the way stresses alight and depart in unison.  You'll have a good few days/weeks/months of lesser, easy-to-handle problems, and then several big ones arrive at once, like depressing and obese clowns pouring out of the trunk of an old Fiat.

In this case, it's a three-fer: work related, school related and money related.  The work related one is dealing with the last gasping revenants of my old job in a gout of bad karma; the school one is trying to work out how I can attend classes this Spring if no-one seems to offer the classes I need at time I can take them; and the money problem is just money, as it always is.

Anyway, I cleaned up the kitchen when I got home, and Yesenia made us grilled cheese with some carrot ginger soup, and that seemed to make everything feel better.  The small pleasures of the real world do battle with the Fiat clowns, and often are able to make them retreat for a little bit.  Sure, they're just going down the street to live in denial, but the view there is great.


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