Friday, January 13, 2012

Paul Entry 1A

Looks like Paul's got a new album coming out, this time one of standard-y songs from the 40's.  I'll buy it, of course - I always do, as Paul is the only artist who I make a point of buying every new album.  But I'll confess to not being all that enthused.  I'm not sure why older artists always seem to get to a point where they think their fanbase desperately wants an album of them warbling cover tunes over an orchestra playing pastiche arrangements of stuff that will never be done as well as it was the first time.

Peter Gabriel's doing it, too, although his has got to be some kind of joke... he's done it even more lamely, by answering the underwhelming demand for him to re-record all of his hits with philharmonic accompaniment.  What did we do to deserve such a gift?  He's so artful.


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