Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yet Again More Powerpoint

I was sort of backstage help for other people today.  Yesenia had her Second Annual Birthday Craftsplosion, which entailed getting all of her girlfriends over to the house so they could hang out and knit / crochet / scrap / what have you.  My job was to clean up the house, get wine and pizza, and just stay out of the way.  So the first thing I did was walk over to my mother's to put up a curtain rod in her living room.  Then I came home and did some Powerpoint for work.

While I was Powerpointing, I could hear Matilda - at 11, the only non-adult at the Craftsplosion - trying to keep herself entertained by playing the piano.  So I invited her down to the basement, where I played modal bass parts for her to play some pretty sweet Rick Wright style organ noodling to.

And that's really about it.  Goodnight, everybody!  I'll try to be more compelling tomorrah.


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