Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One Day In

First day back at the office after ten days off.  Ten days that pretty much amounted to an extended nap - well, no.  I did get a lot done earlier in the week, but if you add hosting the family Christmas to the pile of things that happened, I was totally shot by mid-week.

Pretty much from the moment I got home from a trip to Manhattan this past Wednesday until Saturday morning, I basically just plopped my ass down and burned through the usual few seasons of a TV show on Hulu.  3rd Rock from the Sun, in this case, which I will write about some point at length.

But, anyway: today was a decent day.  By 5 PM on Christmas Eve eve,* I'd managed to get through about 99.5% of all of the work that I'd had to do, so today was a nice, productive clean-up day.  I tend to work faster when there's less work to do - too many things to do at once and I kind of shut down.

...decent day, yes, but decent days are dull to write and read about, aren't they?

Tomorrow marks beginning of fact-finding for the Spring semester, and no doubt a return of some great blog-generating anxiety.  Opening shot is a visit to the LIU Graduate Center open house, where I get to find out how many credits I still need before I can move on to phase two.  Should be fun, yes?


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