Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night is Nacho Night

Apparently, Yesenia an I have both decided to live like bachelors together.  After getting home and telling  me she wasn't hungry - meaning that I stopped making plans for preparing dinner and went on to doing laundry - she asked me to make nachos.  Which I did, although one of my more soupy and ever-so-slightly disappointing plates of nachos.  

Since we were fresh out of jalapeños, I opened a can of Hormel's Vegetarian Chili and dropped about 3/4 of it on half a bag of chips, along with some decent salsa and a few handfuls of shredded Italian cheese mix.  Microwave on high for three minutes, and tell me that isn't the most bacheloriffic meal you can imagine?  I even left the chili can out with the spoon in it, contents dripping down the outside of the can to stain the counter.

My only concern is that I also had my dad's very bean-centric vegetable stew for lunch, so I feel I'm cruising towards a night of gas leaks that will have energy companies abandoning sites along the Marcellus Shale and coming instead to frack my ass.


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