Tuesday, January 10, 2012

History Alt+Repeats Itself

For those who read along on the Rambler back in 2007 while I grumbled and cussed my way through learning Flash can now enjoy a strong feeling of deja vu, as we enter the next phase of my web-design career with (say it with me) CSS!  A truly powerful set of tools that's pretty much by coders, for coders.  It's a very strange approach to design, I must say.  In some ways, I appreciate it, as I'm generally very anal about design pieces I work on and like everything to be placed at an exact measure and be exactly X wide by Y high, but I like that as a small, easily accessed field of a largely graphic interface.

I'm sure I've typed these exact words, before, but seriously: I'm a fucking designer, what's with all the numbers and symbols?  If I wanted to spend this much time crunching, I'd join the U.S. Cross-Country Ski Team.

Anyway, after an hour break there wherein Ansley walked me through - well, stumbled me through - some of the more perversely hidden but very useful corners of Dreamweaver, I'm feeling a little more hopeful.  Tune back in tomorrow for more setbacks!


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