Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bowling With Dollers

Went to the Lucky Strike lanes at the Palisades Center with Jim & Danielle Doller, for dinner, drinks and bowling. And I have to say: color me impressed. The alcohol is pricey (as I was expecting), but the food is reasonably priced and really very good, and the bowling it and the overall vibe of the place is pretty damn nice. Done up in a faux 1950's California decor, like a humid fever dream of a bowling alley had by James Lileks.

Yesenia turned up (but did not bowl) in time for the second game. Jim, Danielle & I all bowled weakly n the first game, so we added a second, and Jim & I at least did well enough, with Jim winning at 154 and me - oh, how I hate to use the phrase 'coming right behind,' but there it is - at 148.

The whole reason I wanted to go in the first place was to get some practice in for my sister's birthday party, which features bowling out in Brooklyn. I don't want to embarrass her into having to make excuses for how bad a bowler her brother is.

Anyway, consider this high praise, because I recommend the place to anyone even if they're not going to bowl. At this point, it's about the best food in the mall; the bar is good; the service, while slow, was pleasant; and the waitresses were super-cute. On top of that, they had a big area in the back full of air hockey and pool, and even 10 lanes for Candlepin bowling. The vibe was nice and relaxed, and I'd go back in a second. I only hope it stays around.

One caveat: sadly, they don't have period-specific music. It should all be the Ventures or Dick Dale. Jim had the suggestion that there should be a live surf band playing in the back, which really would be perfect. Or a cool-era jazz combo, complete with chanteuse. I could bowl to a chanteuse. Why not?


P.S.: Sorry for the title, but, really, how could I not use that...

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