Thursday, August 16, 2007

For your consideration (or lack thereof)

Watched a clip of an abandoned film Karl & I and others were making back in 2000-2001. In fact, the raw footage for the edited clip we watched was filmed the weekend before September 11th. Yes, that September 11th. Anyway, the film was abandoned when it was realized that a) KArl hated having to be on screen so much, and b) none of our friends could actually act, or at least memorize dialogue.

Still, the portions of the film that were mostly dialogue-free (the film was vignette style, with many scenes almost pantomime) were quite good, as I'm always refreshed to discover. I never watch the fix or six edited vignettes and think, "oh, that sucks, what amateur crap." I think, 'jeez, if this were on HBO, I'd watch it.' Six years on, it's still very funny, and even when it isn't funny, it's at least interesting. So, the feature never came together. As a group of interrelated shorts, that's a decent review.


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