Saturday, August 4, 2007

Memorial Pub Crawl 2007

There’s seven deadly sins
And we’ve found out some new ones.
The only problem is fitting them all in,
But you’re a prodigy.

I’ve tried to follow through,
But there’s no talking to you.
That wave dismisses it -
That charm and smile shit -
Like you always pull.

There’s nothing that you wouldn’t try.
It’s just not done unless we get no sleep tonight.
The subway’s gone and I guess we’re going on.

New sky from the passing storm.
The pavement’s wet and warm.
I still see us mirrored below -
In neon haze and streetlight halo,
You’re water, air and fire.
Follow - you’re always there…

There’s seven deadly sins,
And each one has its defenders.
The only problem is, the encores never dim
They just become eulogies.

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