Sunday, August 26, 2007

Climb, Rinse, Repeat

Took a hike up the local smallish mountain today, along with Jim, Karl and Karl's brother, Yanni. It was overcast and stupidly humid, but after about three quarters of an hour, we stopped at a decent height over the park and dried off in the breeze. Everyone else was dressed for the hike, I looked as if I'd wandered out of a mall and ended up lost in the woods. Still, unless I'm getting paid, I don't really care much to wear what I'm supposed to.

On the descent, Yanni (in the lead) stopped us, and pointed out what he claimed to be a Copperhead crossing the path. In brotherly fashion, Karl wasn't sure that's what kind it was, but a quick check of the internet confirms Yanni's call that it was, indeed, a Copperhead. And since, a year before, Karl and I had come across a Rattlesnake crossing our path on a hike, that means I'm two-for-two. Whee!

Karl set his altimeter at the start of the hike, and I'd like to be able to tell you just how many brambly, rocky, and scree-filled feet we climbed, but we completely forgot to check it. Perhaps Karl will be kind enough to hazard a guess?

The clouds, heat and humidity never broke for the roughly 90 minute hike up and down the mountain. But after we got back to Jim's and watched an episode of Wonderfalls, we emerged into bright, warm and dry daylight. Which just goes to show what A-ha said is true: The sun always does shine on T.V.

Got home and read in the hammock for awhile, and if that isn't the best way to spend a Sunday on the Summer's penultimate weekend, then I don't know what else is. Only thing missing was a beer.


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