Saturday, August 11, 2007

Now Begins the Time of Focus

Okay, KPMG: over. Class: over. Meaning I have free TIIMMMMEEEE again. First things first: fucking dining room ceiling. Second things second: tape, plaster, prime and paint the dining room. This will be the next two-to-three days.

After that? Well, the house has bee so generous in providing me with downtime activity this year, I have a veritable cornucopia of shit to choose from, but I guess I'll have to go with getting the last of the crap out of the basement - that's going to be a few days, because it's not something I can do for more than an hour at a time. Thankfully, about 85% of the stuff is gone, but what remains are the two bathrooms, which pose some problems I'm just not yet prepared to handle.

On the creative side, the was-named-DeSk-but-now-has-no-name band will be starting to record in earnest later this month. And...

You know? Mostly, I don't want to think about what I'm doing or putting any pressure on myself to meet any kind of deadlines on anything. I've just had seven months of 60 hour work weeks, of never having a moment when I didn't have to be thinking about how best to organize my schedule and generally performing triage with all aspects of my life: only things that were actually on fire at the moment were given my attention. Everything else went into the green room. Now, apart from the usual stream of stuff from my one job - which I can easily handle - everything will get done in time, without guilt, without pressure.

I really just need to nap for a few days, that will be nice.

The Rambler, which was started as an emergency release valve for my creative voice in the time when I had no time or resources to do anything else, will continue at its daily pace. Why not? It takes no effort whatsoever, and it still serves that valuable function of end-of-day meditation. Heck, I've even given it this nice, new template, to make it feel loved. I'll probably tweak the design, fonts and colors (Google doesn't let you do more than just a little bit of tweaking on these) over the next few days, but for today, I'm going to stick the template up as is, and see how it looks.

Then, sometime in the fall - perhaps? - the new Copper Man site, totally revamped. We'll see. Maybe if you're good.

In the meantime: get some sleep. I had the experience today of trying to teach a room of ADD-stricken 12-year-olds Photoshop, and that'll draw the life out of just about anyone.


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