Friday, August 3, 2007

My Big Poopie Butt

Another day between New England trip entries - I'm starting to like the rhythm of the one-on/one-off pattern. Here's what's happening in real-time: closure.

Wednesday, the ad agency I work for lost our longest-term client - also one of our bedrock accounts, so money (which has been a little tight in the last year) will be even tighter. I can't be exactly sad, though: I'd run out of steam doing work for these people years ago, and it's looked like they were going to drop us every month for the last two years, so I'm glad I won't ever have to do another large piece for them that gets remade into a mediocre mess by committee or goes unpublished, after eternal, painstaking revision after revision. When I found out that they never liked my best work, it became more and more difficult to try to give them my best work, which is never a healthy situation. Everybody will be happier all around, although our agency will be poorer and filled with much anxiety as to how to fill the hole in our income that this creates.

Also, I finally wore out my welcome at KPMG with my sporadic schedule, but that's okay. Even though I really liked the extra money, anyone who's read the Rambler even once will know that having given my entire life over to work in the last seven months was really taking its toll on me. They told me that they were going to find a freelancer that could work 40 hours, so I'll be finishing out (presumably) within the next couple of weeks. Then it's goodbye!, Amazon impulse purchases!

Work on the dining room is also drawing to a close, with the final beadboard having gone up last weekend, and the molding and plastering set for this weekend, with the painting happening next weekend. I'd meant to put up the new light/fan fixture earlier this week, but I discovered that the ceiling box we installed was the wrong kind, so I have to replace that. Shame, because the wiring went really well, but that's what I get for not reading the instructions.

Let's see if something else along this theme develops. Perhaps some big life closure is coming soon, as well. I don't welcome it. Closure is not always desirable.


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