Monday, August 13, 2007

The Writing Hour

So, it's 10 PM, and I'm writing the Rambler, and Yesenia is writing in her dream journal, and there's crickets chirping outside, and the laundry is done, and the upstairs office is about halfway cleaned, and there's a lovely breeze coming in through the windows, and I got all of the extra junk out of the dining room, and etc.

One of those days that comes in two acts: all day long, I forced together two versions of a catalog for a client. I'd thought it would only take me an hour or two (I'm usually very fast with this stuff), but I was way off. I'd originally planned to see the Simpsons Movie illegally with Jim and Karl, but the last symptom of the time I'd lost working at KPMG was this catalog - really, I should've had it done on Friday - and so now the draft is done.

Act two started after I'd gotten the catalogs into the UPS overnight, and then came home to do a little work on the house. It's amazing how much better you feel when you have time and energy to do those dishes and fold that laundry, rather than walking past their respective piles with a sideways glance and a guilty shudder on your way to bed.

And now? Unlike the last few months when I had to stay up until two o'clock to meet deadlines, I'm done for the day and it's only 10:15 or so. What a great feeling. Not to say there won't be crazy deadlines in the future - I'll always work close to the wire when it comes to stuff I have no interest in doing, sadly - but they won't be every night.

Act three will be an early bedtime. Perhaps a DVD with Yesenia. These are the days.


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