Monday, April 14, 2008

All Their Dime Dancing

Saw Asia in Peekskill tonight, and what can I say? I did enjoy it, even - especially - the mandatory drum solo from Carl Palmer. Sure, the man never met a song he couldn't totally tank with his unsympathetic playing, but his solo was five minutes of pure entertainment.

As for the rest, Steve Howe was his usual casual perfection, and John Wetton was in great voice but the mix made his and Geoff Downes' contributions inaudible. Bad, lousy mix. Seriously, Geoff Downes had about 12 keyboards up there (not counting the keytar for the end of the show), and you could never hear a note he was playing.



shaunian said...

Wow. Asia in Peekskill? Sounds like the title of a Japanese restaurant review in the local paper. Or the name of a new sitcom or celeb-reality show on VH1. What are those wacky prog-rock blokes up to now? Watch Steve Howe shopping for metamucil but, oh no, the store is out of stock. Join Geoff Downes as he gets stinking drunk as he waits around for the cable guy all day. See John Wetton trying to fill heating oil in his basement but uh-oh, the hose is too short. Don't miss the season premiere when there tour bus runs into Cory Feldman's dodge dart!

Dave Kopperman said...

Thing is, I would SO watch that...

Curiously, out of all of them, only Geoff Downes seemed like he'd been hit a little too hard by the aging British rocker truck of trying to look 'cool' while laboring under the complete absence of understanding of what 'cool' is, now. A more than ironic fate for the man who wrote 'Video Killed the Radio Star,' the first video ever played on MTV.

Having seen Steve Howe (somewhat) up close, I can say that he's well-past the Metamucil at this point. The man is a walking, picking and grinning skeleton.