Sunday, April 27, 2008


Not the version I was looking for... a tantalizing version of this song featured prominently - but only briefly - in When We Were Kings, but the fuckers didn't even put that version on the soundtrack. So, this one, from a decade earlier. The performance from When We Were Kings just lurked and soared simultaneously. This one doesn't quite get a chance to, mostly because she spends a minute and a half introducing her band.

I imagine the best way to hear this song is in a totally dark theater, with a spot focused tightly just on Miriam Makeba's eyes.



Anonymous said...

You should check out Makeba's "click song". I grew up with that one.

Dave Kopperman said...

Yeah, I caught that on YouTube last night, too. Very cool. Well, I caught A click song. Lord knows how much she used that technique in a fifty-plus year career.

I'm thinking I'm going to pick up that Belafonte duet album with her.


Ansley said...

Yeah.. interesting.. a psychotic pile of shit ex-girlfriend of mine also talked about growing up with that "click song" as well.. I always thought it was a strange song to associate with your childhood.. but she was a complete psycopath so I guess it all fit.. curious.

Dave Kopperman said...

Let's please not start a flamewar, here...