Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feelin' Kinda Lileks

Today, I've written a 3000 word critical essay for a friend's website (I'll link to that when it's up), a lengthy email detailing my positions on various issues in the Floyd cover band I play keys in, and I'm in the process of writing two radio spots for a Chevrolet dealer in Vermont. I've got words pouring out of my bunghole and it's starting to chafe, let me tell you. Has anyone told these people that I only come armed with a freaking BFA in Illustration? English and me, we're not necessarily all that well acquainted.

It's days like this - frankly, I'm not sure I've ever had a day when I've laid down quite so many words on so many different projects, but anyway - it's days like this when I can only look on with awe at the productivity of someone like James Lileks, who writes 18 columns a day and still manages to keep his Daily Bleat (the blog that I will always regard as the blog) fresh, interesting, coherent and always full of interesting content.

Sadly, I'm no James Lileks. The plus is that I lack his sometimes annoying sense of rightness, the minus is that I'll never be able to come within a million miles of his simultaneously polished and spontaneous prose. Especially on days like today.


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