Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking to Spend

You know the first thing I'm going to buy when we get our money situation sorted out? A new acoustic geetar. Those who know me know that I don't like to misuse the word 'need,' when the word 'want' is what's really called for, but in this case, it'll have to do: I need a new acoustic. My old Ovation is seriously done, done, done. Done like a Chicken McNugget that's been stuck at the back of the deep-fryer since the last oil change, browned to a fine mahogany. Done.

The face of the soundboard is noticeably convex, curving in to the hole. It's always had intonation issues - heck, I bought it before I could play guitar, so of course I didn't know how to shop for one properly - but now it just sounds like something a hobo would bring to a junkyard cooking fire. And I don't mean that he'd be carrying it around to sing old Wade Hemsworth songs over rat shish-kabobs. I mean he'd use it as kindling. It's pretty bad.

So: opinionated guitarists out there - any thoughts on what a decent, warm and solid acoustic guitar would be? Let's say the price range would be in the $600... uh, range. Notes on where to buy it are also welcomed.



Anonymous said...

You want vintage or new? I played a gorgeous 1970s Guild guitar at this little guitar shop on Ludlow a couple of weeks ago. It was going fr $450.

Dave Kopperman said...

I don't even give any thought to when it was built, but I have to say that the price is right and if a guitar can withstand thirty years and still sound good, that's probably a good advertisement for the concept of vintage in general.