Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Anger Is A Gift

Photo courtesy Karl and Karl's camera, from tonight's PCMA recording session.

I have no idea why I look so pissed, particularly because it was a very good session and I enjoyed myself immensely, as I usually do when I listen to Shaun play. Maybe it's because I was tired and mellow tonight? Does tired and mellow look like paranoid and murderous when it gets displayed on my face? If so, it's probably a good thing that I'm rarely mellow, or I'd be even less well-liked than I am now.

This shot is from the very end of a guitar take, which I'd been listening to while lying on the floor with my eyes closed and headphones on - the way all great music is supposed to be heard. I always prefer these candid shots to anything else - nothing posed, please. I myself am a pretty poor photographer, but the small handful of photos that I've shot over the years that I would consider good all have a journalistic integrity to them.

That's another thing I need to add to the Copper Man site, I guess - a gallery... a very tiny gallery - of my photography.

Karl himself is generally a landscape photographer, but I do think he has a gift for portraiture that he's left somewhat unexploited. The shot above is a good example: in anyone else's hands, that picture would be lame and unflattering. But Karl's framing and feel for timing makes it work. Go figure.

Anyway, a great volume of his work is online, and I know I've linked to it before, but I write these Ramblers nightly and sometimes we have to reuse content. Besides, it's been long enough that I'm sure there's all new stuff over at his site. Go check it out. Good way to spend a lunch and get aesthetically massaged.


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