Sunday, May 6, 2007

At Least the Lawn got Mowed

Just watched "Little Miss Sunshine." And what can I say? It's like the writer, directors and producers got together and decided to remake the original "Vacation," but this time as an 'acting piece.' Good acting, cute moments, but you can hear the screenplay straining so much to fit in all the pre-programmed character beats in the alloted time that you're afraid it's going to snap like an over-tuned guitar string and smack you in the eye.

Not a bad movie, but real 'Miramax-y,' if you know what I mean. All the edges have been rounded off for your protection.

Other than that, it wasn't a very productive day - or at the very least, it didn't feel like a productive day, despite the fact that I spent hours and hours doing things. And the sad thing is that it's a Sunday, and all I really should've been doing was sleeping until noon and training for the Bathrobe Puttering Invitational. Instead, I'm knocking down plaster and caulking things and pulling up newly-rooted maple trees (hundreds of the damn things!) by the stalks.

Tonight is dedicated to assembling the start of a new Flash website for a client, a task even orthodontic surgeons note is more painful than a root canal.

My hopes that your weekend was as full as mine, but in a much more pleasant way, and that you're rested and ready to face the week ahead. I'm still chewing on the one that's just ended.


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