Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Live From Bed

Ah. For tonight's class - which was a lesson on how to color comics in every designer's favorite gilded cage, Photoshop, I borrowed my mother's laptop. It is that which I write this on now - lying in bed while Yesenia lies next to me watching the third episode of Showtime's "The Tudors." If that isn't a picture of domestic bliss in 2007, I don't know what is. Perhaps if it were the exact same scenario, only acted out by our avatars in Second Life.

Two notes on "The Tudors":

1) Henry VIII is sure looking young and buff, thanks to the non-stunt casting of Johnathan Rhys-Meyers, who is apparently such a good looking man that the only roles he takes are as men who kill women who either insist on having his children, or are incapable of it.
2) We don't normally have the TV in the bedroom - in fact, we don't even have cable. But it came out of the basement during the flood, and then up to the bedroom when the living room was rendered unoccupied terriotry when the dining room invaded. As soon as the dining room cieling repairs are done, the TV goes back in the living room. And then? I hate having it in the living room, too. The basement dungeon is the place to keep the beast chained, but that's a much longer project getting that swamp cleaned up enough for human habitation.


"Should I like something that accuses me of being cruel?" - sample dialgoue from Anne Boleyn. What's the right answer to that one?

...I meant, anyway, I can't tell you how badly I want a laptop. I spend most of my waking hours tied to a computer in some way, and if I have to use one, lying in bed is the way to do it. Or going out to the park. Doing my work in the Tappan Memorial Park, above the burble of the creek and cooled by the shade of the trees. On the grass, or, even better, sitting on the footbridge with my legs dangling over the water? That would be something I could get behind. And, best of all, the Tappan Library, at the edge of the park, has free WiFi. I wonder if it's a strong enough signal that I wouldn't even have to go inside?

Get outside. Outside. In the sun. On the grass. By the water. Blue sky. Light breeze. Light floral scents. Blossoms and trees.

Augh. I'm making myself sick with envy of myself. I have got to get a laptop. We were supposed to get one for the office (meaning for me to use at home, which is where I work), but the last few months have been slow enough that my boss is hesitant to make the investment. And the kind of design work I do definitely requires a MacBook pro, so even though I could pick up an iBook on my own, it wouldn't do everything - or indeed, much of anything - I would need it for, so it would end up a very mid-priced toy.

So, just the MacMini and the G5 to keep me indoors for now. The G5 is my office machine, and the MacMini is officially Yesenia's - we call it the Femputer - so I'd lovve to be able to get off of her computer. And out of her office, to boot, since that's where I've been working for the last year or so. It was just supposed to be temporary, but a year is the official point where things cease being 'temporary,' and I'm feeling guilty for taking up so much space in her space.

All right. I was planning on writing a wrap-up of the comics class, but I'll save that for later. An intersting experience, and not one I should just dash off snarky little asides on while half-asleep.

Enjoy your day. Hope you get outside and enjoy it. At least that makes one of us.


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