Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorialize This

Whoof. That's for the day that's just past. Up at 7:00, solid day of work followed by helpling my mother take the last of her belongings to her new apartment, followed by a quick, late dinner at the diner, followed by our houseguests arriving at around 11:30, followed by some quick work for the office, followed by this. Regardless what the Google server thinks, as I write this, it's past Midnight on Thursday. I'm guessing the Google server is either in California, or just needs someone to replace the two AA batteries.

Whoof, whoof. That's for the day ahead, where I take my car in for inspection, do assloads of work on the basement and the dining room and hopefully get what's in the driveway over to the dump, help my mom a little more, get the dry cleaning, repair the garden hose, etc. I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting.

Whoof, whoof, whoof. You guessed it: Saturday. Wake up at 3 AM to take Yesenia to Newark airport, later head into Manhattan for various social engagements.

Sunday, the friend's BBQ.

Monday? Fuck, I have no idea what's going on Monday, but somewhere in all that, I need to put together a newsletter and brochure for a client. Maybe that will be Friday evening and Saturday morning? I'd love to get it out of the way and keep the rest of the weekend work free, but I'm such a deadline worker, I'll probably start both at 11:30 Monday night.

Really, I'm just shot. Sorry for the no-humor, straight-up datebook kind of entry, but the brain is in neutral and coasting to save gas, right now. I suspect that the Rambler this weekend will be a little light, but at some point, I'll post some lovely shots from out Tuesday night cruise around Battery Park to raise money for kids hockey(?).

Anyway, you should turn off the computer, get outside and enjoy what (at least here in the Northeast) promises to be a warm and sunny weekend. Go on.


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