Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Life as a Clown Car

When this current cycle in my life is over, I'm probably going to get a lot of sleep. For now, these Tuesday nights seem to be almost comically packed with needful activities -

1) I have to assemble a brochure for a meeting tomorrow at 9 AM
2) I need to finish inking the first page of "Renunciation" and scan it for class tomorrow
3) It would be nice if I could get together the agency brochure I've been trying to get to
4) FInish up log and letterhead for a friend's new business (well, the business is old, but she just inherited it) so that she'll have a draft in time for her meeting with Rosie O'Donnell (don't ask),
5) At some point in here, Yesenia & I are going to try to get to the gym.

Of course, tomorrow night itself is a sampler plate of three mutually exclusive possibilities -

1) Teach the last comic class of the semester, 6-8 PM
2) Attend my friend Selena's Thesis Show opening at Hunter College, also 6:30-8:30, or
3) Attend Impostor Syndrome's last show with the current drummer, on Delancey, at 8 PM

Think I should probably live up to obligations and go teach the class? Good idea, but that does add two more straws to tonight's camel back:

6) Prep computers and artwork for tomorrow's computer coloring lesson.
7) Brush up my 'Blackbird' so that I can teach it to one of the comic students tomorrow (that's right, it's a class in comics and Beatles standards).

So, the Subway Rambler has to go under the bus for this evening. Apologies. In the meantime I encourage you to attend either the art opening:

Or the rock show:

Note: despite what the graphic says, the show is tonight, Wednesday, MAy 16th, and not April 16th. A quick check of your calendar should show you why this is an impossibility.

Both come with my stamp of approval. Sure fire entertainment and culture, all in one!


Speaking of the Beatles, I note that Paul is finally selling all of his stuf through iTunes. I heard his new single on Sunday, sitting in the car and waiting for them to play it (they said they would!), and what do you know? I liked a new Paul song yet again! I wonder if I'm just incapable of seeing straight when it comes to new Paul material?

And, for the record? No gym. As if you hadn't guessed. Oughtn't there be clowns? Send in the goddamn clowns.


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